Play Activities

Play is the child’s way of learning and through this children receive information from the surrounding environment to use it in their physical and mental development. Playing helps children learn and develop as individuals, and as members of the community. Developmental Benefits of play include creativity and imagination, learning to solve problems, discovery and reasoning, […]

Play based learning

The use of play-based learning strongly supports the promotion of socialization amongst the children and the development of language. There has been a recent increase in the number of students who enter the early education system as English as A Second Language Learners (ESL); There has been a need for students to receive additional instruction […]

How is playing important?

Play is an essential activity for all children. It is one-way children explore their world. It helps children to exercise imaginative and creative thinking in a safe, secure setting. Playing in groups help childrenv alidate their thinking with that of other children. Through such play activities, children develop social maturity. They learn how to cooperate […]

Play based learning

  Learning through means of ‘play’ which ranges from active-play that requires physical, verbal or mental engagement to pleasurable play that emphasises on enjoyment as a key feature. The manner in which children interact with one another and perform independently is learned from their surroundings, experiences and by parents and teachers. If an education system […]