Role of play

Playgrounds definitely play an important role in the modern child’s world hence an ideal outdoor playground should be a replica of natural outdoor environment for today’s urban child. The playgrounds encourage physical, social, emotional, mental and creative play as well. Playgrounds also need to allow children to experiment and control the environment that will provide […]

Importance of outdoor play

The outdoor environment provides for different play opportunities that can hardly be replicated inside. A changing environment, that helps experience freedom, gross and boisterous movements, and contact with natural elements is called outdoor. By playing outside, children come in contact with sunlight, natural elements, and open-air, which contributes to bones development, stronger immune system and physical […]

Physical Activity

Physical activity also increases our levels of the protein Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor (BDNF), which is essential for neurological growth (White 2017). It helps to build neural connections, maintain healthy neurons, and is linked to memory and higher-order thinking. Likewise, physical play can help increase our serotonin levels – a chemical that contributes to our sense […]

How is playing essential for kids?

Playing is essential for healthy growth and development of children. Physical play, in particular, is associated with a decreased risk of obesity, improved self-esteem, and improved academic performance. Playgrounds can play an important role in supporting physical activity and maintaining a healthy BMI in children, especially in dense urban environments like Chicago. The quality and […]

PreSchool Environment

The physical environment of the early childhood classroom contributes profoundly to children’s learning and social development. Classrooms and their adjacent spaces must be created with this research in mind. Unfortunately, evidenced-based classroom design has not traditionally been at the forefront in the dialogue on educational quality. While parents, educators and designers recognize the need for […]