Green space in the school

Physical activity can be a preventive measure for several lifestyle diseases and essential about children’s development and growth. The school ground is a place where children spend countless hours and can, therefore, be a great arena for promoting physical activity and health. There are several positive correlations between having green spaces in the school ground […]

How does playing help children?

How does playing help children

In an era marked by globalization, children engage in the world around them, actively seeking new knowledge and solving problems. They must persevere in the face of complex challenges and must generate solutions by synthesizing, transforming, and applying information in novel ways. They must be able to communicate, collaborate, and lead effectively. There is a […]

Kids activities and their development

Kids activities and their development - Realplay

Play is central to the experience of all children because through it they learn about the properties of objects and materials and how these can be used in creative ways both for pleasure and in practical problem-solving situations. They learn about themselves, how to make choices, take responsibility and develop a sense of agency when […]